Maker of new Ventures, Business Strategies & Digital Ideas.


I am the co-founder of AND CO and Partner at Prehype in New York City.


In case you're curious, here a bit more background ...

In 2010 a friend and I founded Pay with a Tweet, an alternative payment system where the currency is not money but your network. Quickly indie bands, Fortune 500's and presidential candidates started selling stuff for the price of a tweet, with more than 8 million people "paying" for something. In 2013, it was  acquired by HanseVentures.

I'm a board member at the Good School, mentor at the German Accelerator, taught product innovation at the Miami Ad School and sometimes also Google's 30Weeks. As well as in the past at the Rock Health startup accelerator program.

I also wrote two books, was lucky to win awards like two Cannes Lion Grand Prix and an MTV OMusic Award and was named one of the "Top Creative Minds in Digital" by ADWEEK.  

When I was 15 I started funding fan-sites about video games by giving them free servers and in exchange got the exclusive rights over their ad units. I then created an umbrella brand to connect these sites with each other in order to get better deals from media companies. It became one of Germany's biggest gaming-networks at the time. At 19 I shut it down to start a job in the new digital dept. of Jung von Matt.

Later I moved over to the US to work at CP+B, R/GA New York and as CD of Product Experience at West Studios in San Francisco where I worked with Rdio and Jawbone.

Anyway, as a reward that you actually read this narcissistic bio check out this amazing picture.



Pay with a Tweet (acquired by HanseVentures)
Loko (shut down)

Client Projects

Drop (Rdio) 
SongSnaps  (Rdio)
Twelpforce  (BestBuy)
FlavorPrint  (McCormick)
Digital Dinner Bell (McCormick)
MCIQ (MasterCard)
BarkApproved (Bark&Co)
Social Interview (R/GA)
MyAndy (Andy Awards)
Social Media Hell (R/GA)
Wicky Wicky Website